Polen is the creator of the Polen shot. This is one of the few known named COD4 shot spots. He hit it in 2008 on (Date). Reupload of the original here . This legendary shot is refered to and copied in countless COD4 and MW2 montages.


There are 3 major montages on Polens channel (His old channel is unkown and contains his older montages.), along with various single shots/streaks and epiosdes.

Polen Shot

Polen shot

Prodigy Uploaded Febuary 7th 2010

Hero Reuploaded July 31st 2011

Massacre Reuploaded December 11th 2011

There is also The Best Times in COD4 . This video gives clips form the old school days of COD4 and is nice reminiscant vidoe, which includes the Polen shot, G-shot etc...

In 2011 Polem joined the US Marine core.